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Turn Your Yard Debris and Food Scraps into Black Gold

The 3 Steps of Composting

  1. 1.CHOP materials if you want to break down more quickly

  1. 2.MIX “browns” (dry, woody materials and autumn leaves) with “greens” (moist, green materials).

  1. 3.MAINTAIN air and water balance by keeping compost as moist as a wrung out sponge.

Browns, Greens, Air and Water are the “big four” that will keep every compost pile happy.

Do Compost

-Most sawdust

-Chopped, woody prunings

-Pine Needles

-Tea bags

-Citrus rinds

-Coffee grounds and filters

-Lawn clippings and young


-Fruit and vegetable trimmings

-Herbivore manures

Don’t Compost

-Meat, bones or fish

-Dairy products or grease

-Grains, beans or breads

-Dog, cat or bird feces

-Diseased plants (in cold piles)

-Fuit and vegetable trimmings in open piles or simple bins

-Sawdust from plywood or treated wood

The Earth Machine composters (pictured above) are available at Baker Sanitary Service for $50.