Baker Sanitary Service
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Giving New Life to Post-Consumer Waste
Accepted Materials

Corrugated Cardboard

Please flatten cardboard and exclude any waxed or plastic lined boxes.  We only accept corrugated cardboard and brown paper grocery bags in this bin!

Mixed Paper

Clean, dry, office-type paper and junk mail.  Color is ok, as well as cereal boxes if liner bags are removed.  Phone books are accepted but NO hardcover books or non-paper products are allowed.  NO plastic, wax paper, film, or soiled paper.

Magazines and Catalogs

Use the slick paper feel as a guideline.  NO newsprint, mixed paper or books.


Just throw into the bin loose.  NO bags or twine.  NO magazines or mixed paper in this bin.

Mixed Plastic Bottles and Jars

Triple rinse, drain thoroughly, and discard the lids.  Sizes can range from 6 oz to 5 gallon bottles and jars.  Margarine, yogurt, and peanut butter type containers are ok.  NO plastic wrap, styrofoam or plastic bags.  NO bottles which contained any hazardous chemical or oil.

Tin and Steel Cans  -  Magnetic

Rinse the cans and remove the labels.  You can recycle the lids from the cans and metal lids from glass containers as well. 

Motor Oil

Put your used crankcase motor oil in a “clear” non-glass container with a screw top lid.  Place jug in tray at the oil collection station.  Oil drop-off only available during office hours

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

-Every 100 gal of recycled oil saves 65 gal of new.

Plastic Milk Containers

Rinse the jugs and discard the lids.  No other type of plastic in this bin.

Aluminum Cans and Foil  -  Non-Magnetic

Simply rinse these cans.  Pop cans, aluminum TV dinner trays, pie pans and food cans are acceptable.  Other larger aluminum scrap metal can be recycled at the landfill but not in this bin.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Food and beverage containers only.  No need to remove labels or lids.  Any color is ok.  Simply deposit them into the window of the bin.  NO dishes, light bulbs, mirrors, windows, etc.

The recycling drop-off depot is available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our location on 3048 Campbell Street.  Please place the appropriate materials in their designated bins.  Descriptions of the types of materials accepted can be found below.

Composting and Composters

Click HERE for information about composting and purchasing composters at Baker Sanitary Service.

Electronics Recycling

For info on the new Electronic Waste recycling click HERE.